"SILENCE WILL KILL US. Siberia continues to burn, surviving animals are killed. Someone wants to silence everything, but my land is screaming and I with it. #STOPSILENCE"

These are the words of the Siberian model Vera Atyushkina who screams for help for her homeland and, to do so, she starts the wonderful #thelastflower dress-project. With this dress-sculpture that Vera will walk the red carpet during the 76th Venice Biennale and in Piazza Duomo in Milan using the spotlights to send a strong message to the world of entertainment and fashion that cannot leave indifferent.

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On Rinascimento Magazine are the details and the philosophy of irEnehatdress. On the exquisitely Italian magazine, the secrets of Italian hand made.


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From Crema to the most prestigious Swiss magazines. The history, the key points and the future objectives of irEnehatdress are brought to light on the pages of “Celebre Magazine”.


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"From Crema to Venice 76, not just about fashion"

The article dedicated to #thelastflower in the newspaper in Primapagina


In the heart of Milan, the night lights up on the catwalk of the prestigious Terrazza 55. Ylenia Totino presents the event the models from the MM Model Management agency best enhance the clothes from the Inchiostri di Pau collection.


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"Vip riot for Milan Fashion day" at the Hilton Hotel. Here are the links to access the articles published.


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"Per un giorno l'Hitlon diventa il centro del fashion day." La collezione Filo di Arianna sotto i riflettori


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From the world of MadeinItalyforme an excerpt from the article dedicated to a garment from the Letter to Theo collection.

"The Calle dress is one of Anna's latest creations. It is a bright white dress with a full skirt decorated with a floral motif in the shape of stylized calla lilies made in tape, so as to give it three-dimensionality. Obviously everything is handmade by Anna, so each piece is unique, because of the very small differences due to the complete craftsmanship of each dress "


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