It is with a passion for fashion that the designer Anna Venchiarutti grows up in Crema among the secrets of her grandmothers, a dressmakes and a milliner, and the clothes she made for her Barbies from an early age.

After high school, her way to the world of fashion design begins to take shape first as a pattern maker, at school and at numerous companies, and later as a dressmaker and milliner. The lively interest in art and in fashion history always accompany the creation of the garments, but it is the manufacturing process that most fascinates the designer. The dress born in Anna's hands through all the phases of the prototypes realization: the sketch, the pattern, the manufacturing and the manual processing.

Following her work experience and personal maturity, Anna gives life to her dream with the irEne clothing line whose name and logo come from those of her children, Irene and Enrico.



There are two fundamental cornerstones in the brand's basic idea of style: sobriety and elegance. "The dress must not change or overwhelm the wearer but enhance his unique natural and innate beauty. Like a building, that is a work of art,  must respect the urban context in which it is inserted, a dress cannot fail take into account the person who wear it. I do not want to overwhelmingly cover but with humility to enhance every physical aspect"

"Elegance is always and everywhere. There shouldn't be a rule that dictates what 'I can wear when' and here every dress is perfect when it reflects the idea that each one has about herself"

And it is with a quote from the Spanish director Almodovar that Anna wants to remind us that "una es más auténtica cuanto más se parece a lo que ha soñado de si misma".



Today we cannot fail to be aware that sartorial techniques are not fully applicable to the frenzy of today's consumerism that claims a quick replacement of what we wanted yesterday.

We therefore want to reconcile tailoring and industrial techniques, craftsmanship and fast fashion to bring balance between the ancient patience of hand-made and the necessary speed of realization, between tradition and innovation, between dream and the real world. Following this inspiration, at the beginning we find the techniques of the past such as, among many, the crochet, the manual knitting of wool, the hand-made embroidery, the art of shaping hats on wood. We can therefore talk about  the fusion between the history of fashion and modernity as the first embryo of the project that will see the two capsules Letter to Theo and Inchiostri di Pau as protagonists, where the fusion is no longer between different fashion facets but between fashion and other arts such as painting, printing and graphics.



There are cornerstones of Anna's creations:

"Nature, the only environment that is able to transmit me peace and to be a break and refuge from the everyday world where I can give space to the creativity of the mind", the flavor of childhood in the skilled hands of her grandmothers, a seamstress and a milliner, and art: an eternal reflection of the beauty of the world.